Who doesn’t want to lose some weight? ;0 If you have an Apple Watch and wear it regularly – did you know that your average daily calories burned are tracked by the Health App. This video tutorial shows you how to figure out your Resting Energy and Active Energy to combine them to see how many calories you burn daily. Then you can adjust your exercise or diet program to help aid weight loss.

The data collection from Apple Watch wearers in the Health App is amazing! See how to look up your average Resting Energy (the energy you use just being human, in normal daily activities). Then locate your Active Energy (anything above and beyond your Resting Energy). Combine these two to find your total average daily calories burned. You can browse through months of data to find average – however long you have been wearing your Apple Watch.

Losing weight is hard, but finding out how many calories you normally burn is not with the Apple Watch and Health App. Good luck! ;0

Quick Jump Guide:
0:54 – Health App
1:48 – Resting Energy & Active Energy Overview
2:30 – Resting Energy Calorie Average
3:48 – Active Energy Calorie Average
4:21 – Finding your Average Daily Calories Burned