Calling all tech geeks…Face ID is finally here with iPhone X! In this tutorial video learn all about Apple’s Face ID. We show you how to set up Face ID, use it to open your phone, how it keeps Notifications private, how to use Face ID to sign into other Apps, using Face ID for Apple Pay and customizing Face ID in Settings. Super cool – your face is now your password! ;0

Those sci-fi movies are a reality now with iPhone X and Face ID! Worried about security and your Face ID data? Don’t be, your Face ID info is stored only on your phone – it is never backed up to iCloud, or any other Cloud. Your Face ID is completely secure.

Did you hear all the buzz about how the iPhone X Face ID didn’t work well before it was released? Well, it’s here – and we can personally tell you it works like a dream! ;0 You don’t even think about it, you just pick your phone up and start working on it – you don’t even realize your phone has recognized you and unlocked. It works seamlessly in every lighting situation – even total darkness. Put on glasses, grow a beard, change your make up – no problem, Face ID sees YOU! ;0

Quick Jump Guide:
0:33 – What is Face ID?
1:07 – Setting up Face ID
3:30 – Face ID and other Apps
4:54 – Face ID and Notifications
5:40 – Face ID and Apple Pay
6:15 – Face ID security