You’ve used Emojis before…but now you are the Emoji with iPhone X Animojis! In this how to video tutorial, learn how to create and send Animojis in the Message App, and how to save them. We give you in-depth tips for creating the best Animojis – and yes, you will look crazy recording them but that is half the fun! We also show how to strike your best pose and create Animoji Stickers.

Technology is very helpful to our everyday lives, but what all really LOVE is the fun stuff – like Animojis! Don’t be afraid to be silly recording your Animoji – the more you gesture, the better your Animoji will be. Wiggle your ears, swivel your head, try a little wink and even a big smooch. So much fun to be had with Animojis.

Animoji Stickers are fun too. Just make a wacky face and create an Animoji Sticker you can place anywhere in a message thread – for added emphasis and just plain craziness. The sky’s the limit!

Love your Animoji? No worries, we show you how to save it to be enjoyed whenever. And, since Animojis are a small video – they look the same on both iOS and Android, so all your friends will enjoy your wacky side exactly the same. Express yourself with Animojis! ;0

Quick Jump Guide:
0:30 – Animojis
1:36 – Animoji Characters
2:08 – Recording Animojis
2:47 – Recording Tips
3:42 – Sending Animojis
3:56 – Animoji Stickers
4:53 – Saving Animojis