Learn how to setup and use Siri on your Mac! You can do all the things you can on your iPhone/iPad and more. You will learn some new fun things Siri can do on the Mac like how to add Siri requests to the Notifications pane so updates will always be handy and how to use Siri to find files.

Quick Jump Guide:
0:35 – Siri Preferences
0:50 – Turn Siri on/off
1:35 – Change Siri’s voice
1:42 – Turn voice feedback on/off
2:15 – Set up a keyboard shortcut
2:42 – Siri on menu bar
4:00 – Add/remove Siri request to Notifications pane
5:27 – Using Siri to search for files
6:07 – Using Siri for directions
6:45 – Using Siri to find technical info about your Mac
7:24 – Using Siri to search the internet
7:52 – Using Siri to check your mail

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