One of the best features of a digital watch is the ability to change faces – and Apple gives you 14 of them to choose from! Learn all about the Apple Watch faces in this how-to video tutorial. We cover each and every one of the 14 different watch faces on the Apple Watch. First, we show you how to set it up in the Watch app on iPhone and then, we show you on the Watch itself. We’ll cover how to order your Faces so you can swipe between your favs with ease throughout the day. We’ll explain what a watch complication is and where to find the third-party app complications. Use the Quick Jump Guide below to skip ahead to faces you want to see or to come back later and review a particular face.

We also cover the third-party app Facer which offers photos formatted for the Watch face and automatically sets up a synced Photos album that you can use when setting up the Photos face. They have a big variety of themes including Kitties, NASA, Bears, and even the Periodic Tables!

There are so many fun and useful faces for the Apple Watch. Whether you’re into astronomy or timing laps, there’s a face for you! Learn how each one of them works and how you can customize to your own needs. Join us as we explore the fun world of Watch faces!

Quick Jump Guide:
1:19 – Watch App on iPhone
1:30 – Face Gallery
1:56 – Activity Face
2:56 – Watch Complications
5:00 – Astronomy Face
7:01 – Chronograph Face
9:37 – Color Face
10:25 – Monogram set up
11:23 – Explorer Face
13:16 – Kaleidoscope Face
15:35 – Mickey and Minnie Mouse Face
16:25 – How to make Mickey and Minnie speak the time
16:45 – Modular Face
18:03 – Motion Face
19:30 – Numerals Face
21:06 – Photos Face
21:37 – How to set up Synced Photos Album
23.15 – Simple Face
24:42 – Siri Face
26:27 – Solar Face
27:55 – Timelapse Face
29:19 – Toy Story Face
31:00 – Utility Face
31:59 – X Large Face
33:20 – My Faces
33:39 – Rearrange the order of the faces
33:57 – How to delete a face
34:00 – Third-party Complications
35:41 – Facer App
39:01 – Swiping through Faces on Apple Watch
39:32 – Customizing Faces on Apple Watch
40:55 – Add a new Face on Apple Watch

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