our mom
made us do it

The story of SyncSisters is one that many people can relate to: our mom was driving us up a tree. But sometimes what can seem like an endless stream of questions can be an opportunity in disguise. Thanks Mom!

We realized Mom wasn’t alone in the scramble to keep up with today’s galloping technology. What are the options? People can either scroll through Apple online help, try to get in at a Genius Bar, or maybe take a community ed class. But what most of us really need is step-by-step lessons we can watch at our own pace, as many times as we want, in our comfy pants. Enter SyncSisters! 😉

These sisters from the same mister are on a mission to make today’s tech understandable. Our YouTube videos have more than a million views (and only 999,999 views were our mom). We also have Premium Tutorials for those who want extended lessons they can download and call their very own. The SyncSisters also do custom group seminars for businesses, non-profits and others.

My girls are brilliant! Watch their videos on the YouTubes!

– Mom

Karen McKay

Has excellent hair in this picture. She is a lifelong graphic designer and is the one that makes the videos really pretty. Karen has used Apple computers every day of her professional life since they first became available to the public. Karen is also certified by the state of MN as a continuing education provider and has more than five years of training experience. When she’s not rocking YouTube or giving Apple online help by video, she can be found herding her two boys, husband, cat, and duo of dogs.

Barbara Zadeh

Has worked as a software trainer and Apple aficianado her entire adult life. She was an Apple dealer/consultant at Twin Cities’ legendary First Tech Apple retailer, and then moved into software and systems training. She’s trained folks at 3M, Target, the Star Tribune and a whole lot of other really impressive places. She bought the first generation Apple Mac desktop in 1984, the year she also discovered bangs and Jazzercise. Barbara currently lives on a property with her husband and their posse of dogs, cats and horses.

Barbara Zadeh

has worked as a trainer in Apple products for most of her adult life. She has a daughter who appears to have gone off to college or is hiding really well, and lives on enough land for her husband and their two horses to wander around on. She bought the first generation Apple Mac desktop design in 1984, the year she also discovered bangs and Jazzercize.